GET™ Control is a self-learning building intelligence system that utilises AI and IoT to optimise and regulate air-conditioning and maximise energy efficiency, based on changes in occupancy and ambient weather conditions. The smart damper system divides large open-plan office spaces into micro-zones to enable granular airflow control to each air-conditioning diffuser. With the predictive intelligence working together with all the sensors and smart dampers, air is sent to where it is needed, making the building space efficient and comfortable.

This innovative micro-climate control system which can connect to any BMS (Building Management System), enhances occupant well-being and thermal comfort while maximising energy and operational efficiency.

Green Energy Tech Control

Key Benefits


Better Comfort and Productivity

Eliminate hot and cold spots with proactive regulation of indoor air temperature


Improve Operational Efficiency

Pre-empt thermal comfort concerns and remotely manage at a micro-zone level through any device, eliminating the need to house data servers and a dedicated response terminal in the building


Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction

Potentially save up to 30% on cooling energy and 18% on carbon emissions


Green Mark Incentive

Existing buildings get up to 30 points in categories such as air-conditioning, operating efficiency, occupant comfort, energy monitoring, integration and analytics


Self-optimising and Predictive Controls

Cloud-based AI enhances autonomous control capabilities by continuously commissioning and learning from the building’s energy usage patterns


Efficient Retrofit Installation

Quickly retrofit devices to existing equipment and save up to 25% on man-hours compared to a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system replacement

How it works



Self-learning building intelligence system that optimises and regulates air-conditioning in buildings



Smart damper system divides large open plan office into micro-zones with individual airflow control on each air-conditioning diffuser



Uses AI and IoT to reduce energy consumption, taking into consideration factors like occupancy and weather conditions to optimise airflow to evenly cool areas



Helps save energy, improve operational efficiency and occupant comfort, and can be cost effectively deployed in a minimally invasive and scalable manner


Before implementation: Hot and cold spots in office space


After implementation: Office space is evenly cooled


SP has partnered 75F, a building intelligence solutions provider, to customise and implement this solution for Singapore’s tropical environment.

How to save up to 30% in cooling energy?

Watch our AI-backed micro-climate solution in action.

Product Features

Epidemic Mode

with Smart Purge™ and Smart Enhanced Ventilation™


Minimises the risk of viral transmission in air-conditioned spaces

Poorly ventilated enclosed spaces carry greater risk of infection from airborne viruses like COVID-19


Can be remotely monitored, managed and controlled without physical presence in the building

Via the Facilisight® dashboard


Updates automatically as and when guidelines change

Compliant with the latest guidelines from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE]

Find out how you can implement the Epidemic Mode for your workplace


Energy Insights On-the-go

The GET Control solution comes with Facilisight®, a suite of web and mobile apps. This gives building operators actionable insights, and real-time monitoring and control of indoor air quality, comfort, acoustics, light and thermal levels.



The GET™ Control solution was implemented at one of our SIT offices. Typical large office settings tend to have uneven indoor temperature distribution. With GET Control, the temperature within the zones in the office was well-balanced, improving the thermal comfort of the occupants. In addition, average energy savings of 30% for air-conditioning was achieved. As such, deploying SP Digital’s solution helped us to achieve better productivity and energy savings.

Singapore Institute of Technology

(SIT@Dover Campus)

The Indoor Environment module further complements GET Control to help building operators monitor the indoor environment quality in a building through sensors and interaction with the occupants. The aim is to drive towards an optimal working environment that positively impacts the health and productivity of occupants and improves the efficiency of a building’s ventilation. Contact Us to find out more.

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