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Could we be emitting more carbon than we realise?

The average emission per person in Singapore is around 8,870 kg of CO2 each year. This means that each person would require around 440 rain trees to absorb their carbon emissions. To be sustainable, the goal is for each person's emission to be 3,000 kg of CO2 per year, a reduction of about 66%.


What can you do to reduce your carbon emissions?

My Carbon Footprint shows emissions by categories, so you can tell at a glance what you can cut down. For instance, would you consider using public transport for your commute, instead of getting around in a private car? Or, would you bring your own mug for your daily morning coffee instead of taking it away in a disposable cup?

If you are keen to reduce your carbon footprint, do check out our GreenUP programme. Partnering with over 40 brands that are committed to sustainability, GreenUP encourages green actions in day-to-day living, and rewards you along the way.

If you don't know, you might not care

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With climate change, natural disasters such as floods will be more frequent.


Cattle produce methane which adds to global warming.


About 10 million trees are felled every day for global paper consumption.


Vehicles running on fossil fuels release about 10% of Singapore's carbon emissions.


Plastics choke up marine life, impacting food and human health.


Knowing your carbon footprint is the first step to reducing it.

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We can help our planet recover, if we take action now.


Eat less red meat or choose plant-based foods to lower carbon emissions.


Go paperless and give carbon-absorbing trees a chance to recover.


Hop onto public transport to reduce overall emissions.


Reduce and recycle when possible, and dispose of plastic waste responsibly.

SP APP Carbon Footprint tracker

What's contributing to your carbon footprint? The results might surprise you.

My Carbon Footprint is a carbon calculator that helps us analyse our emissions. So we know what we can reduce, in order to be greener. Tabulate your scoring in food consumption, spending and commuting habits, waste generation - and compare against Singapore's average.



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