Green Energy Technology

Why sustainability matters in the built environment

The World Economic Forum has identified Climate Change as the most pressing concern for humankind; with extreme weather, natural disasters, biodiversity loss among the devastating consequences.

As buildings account for about 40% of energy-related carbon emissions, advancing sustainability in the built environment will have a real and significant impact.


3 trends driving the built environment

Increasing Energy Demand And Consumption
Increasing Focus On Sustainability
Smart & Healthy Buildings Add Value

Advancing your Sustainability agenda with GET

Driving a low-carbon economy and advancing sustainability is a collective effort and SP Digital is at the forefront of enabling this paradigm shift through our strengths in integrated smart energy solutions. Leveraging digitalisation and big data analyses, we enable building stakeholders to drive positive change at scale with our suite of GET (Green Energy Tech) solutions.

Key Benefits


Increase Yield

Increase asset yield and returns with better management of utility costs


Operational Efficiency

Increase productivity for operational tasks with insights from data and digitalisation



Support reporting procedures according to local and international standards


Health and Safety

Enhance occupant well-being in terms of air quality, temperature and cooling optimisation



Drive carbon reduction, increase awareness of sustainability efforts and improve data management

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