Gain consumption insights and submit meter reading in SP App

Not knowing about your usage can be costly

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Know more and make wiser choices

Having consumption insights is half the battle won!

With the SP app, you can check meter readings by day, month or year to have an idea of your consumption patterns, then try to reduce your usage.

  • Meter Reading

    The app lets you submit meter readings for accurate billing, instead of being billed based on your average consumption.

  • Other Services

    If you have any queries about your utilities account, just contact us via Chat Support within the app.

Insights help us achieve Green Goals

With the urgent need for sustainability, we've taken a holistic approach to consumption and conservation of resources. Green Goals sets specific targets in line with SG Green Plan 2030 and keeps track of our Consumption Details by households, districts, and as a nation. Individual households can track utilities usage and costs, and get a real-time estimation of expenditure

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Green Goals

Tips on reducing your utilities usage

Light Bulb

Switch to LED lights for more efficient energy consumption.

Unplugged unused plug to save electricity

Unplug any electrical appliance that is not in use, as standby power can account for up to 10% of your home energy use.

Cleaning fridge vents reduces energy consumption

Keep the vents of your fridge clean and clear so that warm air does not build up to require more energy to cool it.


Plan your grocery list in advance and track the expiry of your food in the refrigerator to avoid clutter, as well as food wastage.

Aircon Services

Service your air conditioners regularly to ensure power efficiency.

Air conditioner set to 25 degrees celsius emits less CO2

Set your air conditioner to 25℃ whenever possible.


Switch over to a fan when the air conditioner has cooled the room to the temperature required.

Increased aircon temperature by 2 degrees celsius reduces electricity usage

Raising the air conditioner thermostat by 2℃ would not drastically change the comfort level, but it would run the air conditioner at a lighter load and consume less power.

Dishes being washed in basin saves water

Rinse your dishes in a basin, rather than under running water.


Water the plants with a pail, instead of a hose.

Cold Wash

Using the cold-water wash will help save energy as there is no need to heat up the water.

Washing Machine

Plan your laundry such that you wash a full load instead of a partial load. A washing machine uses the same amount of energy regardless of the laundry load.



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