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Greener Choices

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Green Marketplace opens with a range of Financial Products

Introducing Green Marketplace, the one-stop space that gives you more green choices than before! 

With Green Marketplace, SP app users can now access green financial products that incorporate sustainability within their framework. Get to make greener choices for your planned purchases such as for a property or a car.

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EV car

You can look for car loans specifically designed for the purchase of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

home loan

You can find home loans that encourage greener living, for instance with incentives for solar panel installation, or rewards if your home incorporates sustainability features. 


You can even choose financial services that encourage green behaviour, including an innovative car insurance plan that rewards you for driving less!

carbon footprint

In the meantime, you’ll gain insights on how your choices can reduce your carbon footprint and save costs.

new partners

As you can see, we are working with various partners on new ways to help us all be more sustainable. And we will continue to seek new partners who are committed to advancing sustainability, and introduce their products and services to SP app users.

Greener choices for your home, car and insurance

When it comes to living a greener life, there are purchases that need a longer view: such as choosing a home, choosing a car, choosing protection for yourself and loved ones. Of the many products and services available, we’re introducing the greener choices to SP app users.

Green Marketplace Partners

We work with partners who are incorporating sustainability into their business: in the products and services they provide, and the way they run their operations. As a start, we’ve teamed up with these leading financial institutions:

One of the first signatories of United Nations’ Principle for Sustainable Insurance (UN PSI), it is ramping up ESG incorporation in every aspect of its business.


Committed to Sustainability, including a commitment to mobilise RM80 billion in Sustainable Finance by 2025.


Sustainable living with UOB. Our commitment to sustainability reflects your growing consciousness on your impact on our world. Our goal is to do right by you as we forge a sustainable future together.


Green Marketplace Products

Check out these products and exclusive offers in SP app.

Tiq Private Car Insurance
Tiq Home Insurance
Maybank EV Financing
Maybank Green Home Loan
UOB Go Green Car Loan
UOB Go Green Home Loan
UOB InsureDrive
SP: Rethink Green

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