Understanding your Sustainability commitments

  • Set long term sustainability targets

  • Use renewable energy

  • Use energy efficient solutions

  • Reduce waste

  • Recycling efforts

  • Sustainable finance

  • Strive for BCA Green Mark certification

  • Engage community in sustainability drive

Key Benefits

GreenUP Rewards


points towards BCA Green Mark certification



your building’s sustainability branding



building visitors and occupants



and drive sustainable behaviour and actions



to configure and deploy

How it works

  1. Easy to configure

    An easy-to-configure digital dashboard where you can select from a range of modules available to show on-screen

  2. Intuitive

    With rich and intuitive visualisations, it can be readily deployed in a building’s public areas to strengthen awareness and engage your stakeholders to make more sustainable choices and actions

  3. Win support

    GET Engaged is the smart way to win mindshare and support of building visitors and occupants in your sustainability journey

Where you can find our GET Engaged digital displays


SP Digital Office & SP Group Headquarters

GET Engaged showcases the overall energy consumption and green activities of the building to engage occupants and visitors.

Case Study: Transforming Tampines into an Eco-Town

Tampines Town Council and SP Group, with the support from Temasek and the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, rolled out Eco Boards across ten HDB blocks in Tampines in December 2020. These households are the first in Singapore to have these digital Eco Boards.

The Eco Boards in Tampines is a pilot programme to help build sustainability awareness amongst the community. They provide residents with real-time statistics on a block’s aggregated water and electricity consumption, and its resulting carbon emissions. Installed at the lift lobbies of each block, residents get easy access to green tips on how to lower their utilities consumption and minimise their household’s carbon footprint. They can also take part in GreenUP Challenges via the SP app to earn exciting rewards.

What residents can do with Eco Boards

  1. Get real-time updates on their block’s utilities consumption and carbon emissions

  2. Learn tips and tricks to reduce energy usage

  3. Take part in weekly quizzes to earn rewards via the SP app by scanning the QR code on the Eco Boards

Be part of the Sustainability Journey

The SP app works hand-in-hand with our Eco Boards to enable greener lifestyles for all. Download the App to gain insights on your energy consumption habits, and earn rewards from our GreenUP partners by participating in our GreenUP challenges.

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SP app – GreenUP Challenges


Apart from informing the residents on block’s carbon footprint and utilities consumption, elements of gamification will encourage our residents to adopt sustainable habits in a fun and interactive way.

I encourage residents to download the SP app and use the ‘My Carbon Footprint’ calculator to understand how they can adopt eco-green practices.

Sustainability is not about what we say but what we practise. Let’s do it together – Tampines Together.

Masagos Zulkifli

Minister for Social and Family Development,
Second Minister for Health,
Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs

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