Energy costs can have a huge impact on your revenue as its price fluctuations can vary greatly. To cushion the shock of energy costs, GET Insights can help you plan and manage utilities consumption through the use of big data and AI.

The Utility Monitoring and Insights dashboard allows customers to manage, monitor, report, analyse and optimise utilities usage to help identify wastage, cost savings and achieve sustainability targets.

GET Insights and the Distributed Energy module helps to reduce energy bills by optimising the use of your onsite renewable energy resources (Solar PV, Energy Storage Systems) and controlling demand while also constantly striving to find energy efficiency possibilities.

While objectives may vary – whether to maximise self-consumption of renewables, manage grid constraints or just minimise the total costs of energy supply – GET Insights ensures that customers can maximise the value of their distributed energy resources.

Key Benefits

Trends and Insights of Utilities Consumption

Trends and Insights

Pick up trends and insights with real-time visualisation of utilities consumption and onsite energy generation


Utilities Consumption Thresholds

Set thresholds on utilities consumption and act on real-time alerts when it exceeds defined thresholds


Utilities Consumption Data

Gain utilities consumption data for further analysis and reporting purposes

Increase Awareness of Utilities Consumption

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness of the impact of utilities consumption on environment and budget

Real-time monitoring of utilities

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of energy assets for their health, optimisation and performance

GET Insights

now with 70% funding support

GET Insights is now an Advanced Digital Solution (ADS) project supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore.

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Eligible business entities:

  • 1

    ACRA-registered, taxable and operating in Singapore

  • 2

    Minimum 30% local shareholding

  • 3

    Group sales turnover not more than $100 million per year, or group employment size not more than 200 employees

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Bringing data from different systems, into one dashboard


GET Insights Dashboard Overview

The smarter, simpler way to manage your utilities consumption


Centralised real-time monitoring digital dashboard
- access the information anywhere, anytime


Easy-to-use interface
- gain insights at a glance with visualisation of live data charts


Early anomaly detection through data and AI
- improve rectification time and minimise cost implications


Real-time alerts when utilities consumption exceeds defined thresholds
- prevent costly charges

Photo courtesy of Sembcorp Marine

In 2018, SP Digital deployed the GET Insights energy management system that helped Sembcorp Marine monitor a 4.5 MWp PV system (Photovoltaic system), 2 MWh ESS (Energy Storage System) and its electrical loads across their shipyard. This provided visibility to Sembcorp Marine’s energy management team in in-depth performance of the PV system, ESS health and load patterns to better manage their energy usage, schedule maintenance and their work activities.

GET Insights also leveraged AI to forecast the load and automatically schedule the ESS battery system to charge and discharge, in order to reduce the peak consumption from the grid. This helped Sembcorp Marine save on Uncontracted Capacity Charges (UCC) every month.


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