Understanding the Challenges of Charge Point Operators


High maintenance costs of the chargers


Optimising electricity price fluctuations


Growing demand by customers for fast chargers


Lack of data and insights to understand customers and their usage patterns


Managing constraints in the grid – electricity supply vs. demand

How GET Mobility Helps Charge Point Operators

SP Digital is here to partner you in operating your charging stations network efficiently, to grow your EV business.

Optimise your operational cost

Optimise your operational cost

Have snapshots of the health of your charging station network and reduce the need for on-site monitoring.

Focus on growing your charging network

Focus on growing your charging network

Gain insights on the volume of transactions of charging stations individually, or by locations.

Organise your charging stations

Organise your charging stations

Configure chargers based on the target market - for public use, fleet use, or internal use.

Key Benefits


EV Charge Points

Onboard a wide range of EV charge points (Open charge point protocol 1.6 compliant)


Monitor transactions

Monitor charging transactions and keep track of revenues


View Sessions

View customer’s charge sessions and assist them when needed


Remote Diagnostics

Remote charge point diagnostics and configuration


Applications Integration

Integrate with electric mobility service provider’s applications (Driver App) via open charge point interface (OCPI) 2.2


Secure and Reliable

Secure and reliable system assures operators and users, and encourages faster adoption of EV

Manage your charging network easily

The GET Mobility solution comes with a live dashboard for real-time monitoring and control of your charge points.

It’s easy to charge your EV using the SP Utilities App

SP Utilities App explore page

Select EV Charging in the SP Utilities App Explore page

Locate the nearest charging point

Locate your nearest charging point from the map, select it, then scan the QR code on the charging station

Plugin charging cable

Plug in charging cable to your vehicle and start charging

Charging in progress

Monitor your charging progress from the App

Pay and view transaction

Pay and view your transaction

Scan and download the SP Utilities App:

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