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  • From Ripples to Waves: How Small Efforts Can Make a Big Splash Against Climate Change
From Ripples to Waves: How Small Efforts Can Make a Big Splash Against Climate Change

From Ripples to Waves: How Small Efforts Can Make a Big Splash Against Climate Change

The scary reality of climate change today

Climate change has thrown the world into disarray.

Glaciers and ice sheets worldwide are rapidly disappearing1. Forests are catching fire due to dry conditions2. Rising temperatures are endangering more wildlife species3.

Global temperatures hit a record high for the ninth straight month in February 20244

Global temperatures hit a record high for the ninth straight month in February 20244. Unless we act, extreme climate events will bring about more severe social, economic, and environmental consequences.

Singapore's warm days will triple by 20505. Worldwide, freak weather could cost $2.6 trillion yearly6. Rising sea levels may displace millions by 20507. The list goes on.

How Singapore is working to curb climate change

carbon reduction

The human actions leading to climate change are clear: stop relying on fossil fuels, drive carbon reduction and practise more mindful consumption. But where to begin?

Thankfully, Singapore’s nationwide strategic initiative, Singapore (SG) Green Plan8, outlines clear milestones everyone can collectively work towards on this road to decarbonisation. Our nation has already made big strides in several areas, namely clean energy, green buildings and electric vehicle (EV) adoption:

  • Launched Southeast Asia’s largest Energy Storage System (ESS)9 to quadruple solar energy deployment by 2025
  • Kickstarted a National Hydrogen Strategy10 to establish hydrogen as an alternative energy source
  • Implemented Singapore Green Building Masterplan (SGBMP)11 to green 80% of existing buildings, have 80% of new developments be SLEB (Super Low Energy Buildings), and improve building energy efficiency by 80% by 2030
  • Introduced multiple incentives12 to achieve the target of 100% cleaner energy vehicles by 2040

How small businesses can contribute to the global effort

small businesses

Much has been done, but we can’t stop there. Global change can only happen if individuals and businesses do their part to reach a low-carbon economy.

That’s why many government initiatives focus on helping businesses, big or small, adopt low-carbon solutions to decarbonise their buildings, such as the recently announced enhanced Energy Efficiency Grant.

With such extensive support available to go green, what should local businesses prioritise?

GET closer to carbon reduction, one building at a time

Making your office or building more energy-efficient can be a good first step.

Building utilities use a lot of energy, with air conditioning accounting for as much as 60% of total energy consumption. Monitoring usage data, spotting inefficiencies and addressing these issues will not only reduce a business’s carbon footprint but also significantly cut utility costs.

SP Digital fully supports the SG Green Plan’s building decarbonisation goals. We want to use our digital expertise to play our part in advancing Singapore’s sustainable, low-carbon economy. Recognising the value of smart insights, we develop smart energy solutions to help others go green, particularly in the move towards SLEB.

The simplest way businesses can reduce their carbon footprint is to use energy more efficiently and sparingly to minimise wastage, which they can achieve with Green Energy Tech (GET™). GET is an integrated suite of solutions offered by SP Digital. It allows businesses to make small yet impactful changes in their utilities operations, leading to big waves on climate change. The GET platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to optimise energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and support sustainability initiatives.

Green Energy Tech

Many businesses are unaware of which utilities use the most energy, let alone where the energy inefficiencies are. GET Insights makes all this clear by gathering data from energy management systems, existing meters or new smart meters to help identify anomalies, preventing energy wastage and cost inefficiencies. This allows businesses to understand their utility consumption patterns and optimise usage, driving energy savings and meeting sustainability goals.

Landlords can find managing utilities usage for multiple tenants overwhelming. Manual recording can lead to inaccuracy, resulting in billing errors, revenue losses for building owners, and lower tenant satisfaction. GET TenantCare mitigates this by enabling property owners to collectively manage tenant utilities consumption, improving operational efficiency and advancing sustainability efforts together with tenants.

air conditioning

Did you know that air conditioning alone accounts for 40-50% of a building’s energy13? In large office settings, individual air conditioning units often lead to uneven indoor temperature distribution. GET Control, a self-learning building intelligence system, divides open-plan office spaces into micro-zones and adjusts airflow and air temperature based on occupancy and weather changes. By retrofitting this system, customers can potentially save up to 30% on cooling energy and reduce carbon emissions by 18% – major results for minor retrofitting works.

Our collective efforts can bring about change

The effects of climate change are undeniable. Here in Singapore, we're feeling the heat – literally and figuratively. But amidst this challenge lies an opportunity. The SG Green Plan shows the government's commitment. Businesses too, have a role to play, with ample support available. By embracing innovative solutions and working together, we can build a more sustainable future.

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Let's not wait for the situation to get any more out of hand. Take the first step towards a sustainable future today. Contact SP Digital and explore how our digital solutions can help your business become a champion for positive environmental change. Together, we can make a difference.

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