What it solves

  1. Non-AMI, Non-Standard, Multi-Brand Electricity Meters

  2. Staggered & Manual Monthly Data Collection

  3. Resource & Operations Intensive Process; Intrusive, Safety & Security Concerns; Productivity Loss

  4. Erroneous Data, Inaccurate Utilities Bill, Revenue Loss

  5. Inconsistent Service & Decrease in Tenant Satisfaction

  6. Non-Standard & Transient Tenant Management Services

Key Benefits


Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Reduce time and resources needed for manual meter reading and eliminate unnecessary data errors and validation


Enhance Tenant Engagement

Handle tenant move-in and move-out with ease using a digitalised and automated approach for higher tenant satisfaction


Improve Revenue Assurance Process

Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary revenue losses due to manual readings and inaccurate billing


Enable Focus on Core Business

Focus on driving value for your core business without worrying about billing and utilities management services for your tenants


Detect Energy Anomalies Early

Get alerted to abnormal energy usage early with the help of data and AI and improve rectification time and cost efficiencies


Advance Sustainability Goals

Gain energy consumption insights and tips to improve energy efficiency and advance sustainability efforts collectively with your tenants

Simplify your meter reading process

View your insights on live dashboards