GET TenantCare helps building owners/landlords solve:

  1. Data reliability issues from non-standard, multi-brand electricity and water meters

  2. Resource-intensive processes such as manual meter readings and data collection

  3. Revenue losses due to erroneous data and inaccurate utility bills

  4. Heavy workload involving billing consolidation and invoicing of tenants

  5. Inconsistent or transient tenant utilities management service, resulting in lower tenant satisfaction

  6. Contractual lock-in worries with energy retailers

  7. Hassle of paperwork needed when switching energy retailers

Key Benefits

Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Reduce time and resources needed for manual meter reading and eliminate unnecessary data errors and validation

Enhance Tenant Engagement

Enhance Tenant Engagement

Handle tenant move-in and move-out with ease using a digitalised and automated approach for higher tenant satisfaction

Improve Revenue Assurance Process

Improve Revenue Assurance Process

Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary revenue losses due to manual readings and inaccurate billing

Enable Focus on Core Business

Enable Focus on Core Business

Focus on driving value for your core business without worrying about billing and utilities management services for your tenants

Detect Energy Anomalies Early

Detect Energy Anomalies Early

Get alerted to abnormal energy usage early with the help of data and AI and improve rectification time and cost efficiencies


Advance Sustainability Goals

Gain energy consumption insights and tips to improve energy efficiency and advance sustainability efforts collectively with your tenants

GET TenantCare delivers regardless of energy retailer choice

Our meters, mesh network and utilities management service are independent of energy retailer contracts, so you don’t have to worry about lock-ins or handover issues when you switch retailers.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)


  • Revenue-grade AMI electricity meters
  • Secure and robust in-building Radio Frequency (RF) mesh network
Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Standards-compliant and revenue-grade smart electricity & water meters that digitally collect data with greater accuracy
Plus Sign
Cost efficient, scalable, secure and robust in-building Radio Frequency (RF) mesh network for full strength connectivity

*The above is for illustration purpose.
The RF mesh network can be extended to cover sub-meters for common area water & electricity monitoring.

Case study: major transport and retail hub with multiple tenants

Customer Challenges

  • Underbilling of tenant utilities

    Underbilling of tenant utilities resulting in revenue losses and higher costs for the landlord

  • Meter reading process

    Operationally intensive and laborious manual meter reading process

  • Frequent cases of errors in data recording

    Frequent cases of errors in data recording leading to incorrect utility bills and tenant complaints and dissatisfaction

Our Solution

GET TenantCare which includes:

  • Robust advanced metering infrastructure

    Robust advanced metering infrastructure with secure and scalable indoor mesh network

  • Over 500 standards-compliant and revenue-grade smart electricity and water meters

    Over 500 standards-compliant and revenue-grade smart electricity and water meters

  • Integrated system that digitalise tenant utilities

    Integrated system that digitalises tenant utilities management processes, provides advanced utilities insights and analysis, and anomaly detection algorithms

Customer Benefits


Improved Revenue Assurance
- Avoided revenue losses by proactively detecting anomalies which could result in underbilling


Improved Operational Efficiency
- 228 man-days saved annually through the digitalisation of meter reading and verification process


Advancing Sustainability
- 314kg of old meters recycled thus reducing electronic waste


Future Proof Technology
- Robust and standards-based system to ensure data accuracy and scalability

Simplify your meter reading process

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