Mercatus uses SP Digital's smart building technology for utilities management to achieve ESG sustainability.

What it is

Mercatus partners SP Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of SP Group, to deploy GET™ solutions to three properties:

Through digitalisation, Mercatus will be able to deliver greater value to its tenants while advancing its sustainability agenda.

Why does it matter

Mercatus takes a holistic and collaborative approach towards embedding sustainability into various aspects of its business. It works with its tenants to incorporate ESG principles of sustainable development into its properties.

This project is expected to:

What comes next

GET™ Insights enables integration of different building systems and diverse data sources for an overview of the energy aspect of the three buildings.

The Utility Monitoring and Insights dashboard retrieves utilities consumption data for further analysis and reporting purposes

Mercatus’ facilities management teams can identify and forecast usage patterns as well as detect anomalies early, to prevent wastage

GET™ TenantCare leverages Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to provide actionable insights.

The 3 Mercatus properties are projected to have an AMI of more than 700 smart electricity meters which will provide real time and advanced monitoring, along with the cloud-based tenant utilities management software

Mercatus can then translate the data into actionable insights to uncover potential pathways for greater energy efficiency

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