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Unlock opportunities on your sustainability journey

This ESG data management and analytics platform encompasses various data capture tools, processing automation, dashboards and analytics, which collectively unlock actionable insights that are grounded in trusted data at speed and scale. 

Reporting directly into local & global frameworks enables you to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.



Renewable fuels

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Energy efficiency

Climate risk

Water management

Recycling processes

Emergency preparedness



Health and safety

Working conditions

Employee benefits

Diversity and inclusion

Human rights

Impact on local communities



Ethical standards

Board diversity and governance

Stakeholder engagement

Shareholder rights

Pay for performance

Sustainion by Turnkey

Sustainion.cloud by Turnkey

Turnkey is a pioneer in the sustainability field, helping clients measure their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Its flagship platform Sustainion.cloud is an ESG data management and analytics platform designed to collect, refine, visualise and report data.

Manage your ESG Reporting efficiently

•    Seamless data collection saves time and resources
•    Data validation enables better understanding and sharper insights
•    Data visualisation enables clearer reporting
•    Reporting directly into regulatory frameworks enables compliance

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Benefits of the ESG Reporting platform

Meet regulatory requirements

Meet regulatory requirements

Data collected and validated can be reported seamlessly into frameworks of regulatory authorities, such as local exchanges.

Optimise operational efficiency

Optimise operational efficiency

Derive cost and time savings from automating data collection and processing.

Engage suppliers

Engage suppliers

Gain oversight of your suppliers and ensure quality & continuity of your supply chain.

Protect your brand

Protect your brand

With validated data, you can substantiate your ESG commitments. Improving your ESG rating will enhance brand reputation.

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