SP Digital's smart utility management system transforms recreation club structures into smart buildings for energy efficiency

Business goals

A recreation club can have sizeable utilities costs for its facilities and grounds upkeep. This project was undertaken to:


Lack of information is costly

The old system was not providing essential information:


Insights enable cost-saving actions

Leveraging its expertise in smart grid technology, SP Digital deployed the innovative GET™ Insights to give this customer visibility on usage and anomalies.


Delivering time and cost savings

Switching to an automated system allows the customer to access real-time data, take action, and optimise efficiency:

Reduces time and resources needed for manual meter readings and data processing
Enables real-time monitoring of utilities and energy assets in individual areas across the property
Enables facilities team to take action to reduce usage
Enables easy submission of reports to government agencies
Detects abnormal energy usage and hidden source of water leakages early with the help of data and AI, improving rectification time and cost efficiencies
Optimises utilities consumption to reduce expenditure and carbon footprint
Improves building performance and maintenance planning through remote monitoring and control of equipment and assets

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